Houses and residences

I am very pleased that you have found my designs engaging. Each design is created after an individual order is requested, again making them unique from each other, as well as from other architects’ designs.

Meetings with you, the client, are needed in order to ensure that all suggestions, considerations, needs, wants and constraints are taken into account prior to and during the construction process. It should also be noted that consultation during the construction phase is frequently needed.

As a designer, I encourage you to express your preferences. The first step in becoming acquainted with each other is for you to complete a Needs Analysis Form (NAF). This form enables you to specify what your dream home should look like. The NAF allows my team to identify details related to the size of each room, how the rooms are located and arranged, how they can be connected, as well as which design package to choose from (expensive vs. less expensive). I will be happy to help you to complete this form. I encourage you to review some of my previous work which may better enable you to describe more precisely what you are looking for in your design.

After the NAF has been completed, we will meet to ensure that our interpretation of what you want is understood. Additionally, specifics, such as the shape and slope of the roof, the colors that are to be chosen, the outer form of the building (straight vs. curved lines), and/or the manner of finishing or fixtures will be determined. At this stage an initial contract is signed to justify my future work.

The next stage is to adjust the data that has been collected so that it adheres to the rules and regulations of the respective local authorities, as well as the actual building lot that the building is intended to be built on (design follows a visit to the building lot). After this analysis, you will be presented with an initial concept, at which time a discussion of to what extent the presented concept caters to your preferences and expectations is clarified. Discussing specifics of the design will enable us to work on the design in even greater detail. I aim to please you with changes occurring up until the final stages of design and construction sometimes. At each designing stage, I will meet with you to discuss your ideas and to ensure that our joint design meets all of your expectations of how the house – YOUR HOME – should be like.

I also encourage consistent communication via fax, e-mail or ground mail. The conception phase is very important — it will reflect your preferences — and it is the stage that enables your DREAMS TO COME THROUGH. The rest of the designing stage is largely a matter of engineering capabilities and available resources. The date of receiving the design documentation depends on the amount of time it takes for the collaboration process to be completed.

After the above process has been completed, and after it has been determined that you meet the financial requirements, architectural drawings will be presented and ready to be used in the next phase of your project. You will get all documentation required to obtain a building permit and to start the next phase of your dream project. Authorship rights remain my private property, though you may purchase these as well. Please note, that even though there are no strict rules, the costs of design (my architectural design) will probably vary between 3% to 7% of the cost of your home-building only! As you can see, it is a small expenditure in the whole enterprise – please keep in mind that you get exactly what you want and you will admire it for years. At the project implementation stage, I may assist with selecting proven materials and building contractors. Upon your demand, I will do oversight of the process of building of your home.

The next step is to get the construction specifications (I arrange the company that makes technical construction specifications), as well as the description of the construction method, electrical system, water supply, setting of speakers, watering plants, etc. These will be accomplished by consultations with local authorities, and preferably with the company that will do the construction, and at times with me. You have two options at this stage. They are as follows:

  1. If you build in the Masovia region, I can arrange for companies who will do the job, yet it will be done with an additional fee. I have well-developed contacts with engineers, technicians, building companies, that are reliable and honest cost-wise, and will suggest reliable and suitable companies.
  2. If your project is to be carried out in remote areas or abroad, I suggest that you find a construction design firm(s) and the company that will build the property. It is my experience, that the client has a better chance of getting a better deal than I would.

Please bear in mind that there are specific requirements in Essex that differ to constraints in Athens. Also cost estimates are important to you, and may differ substantially based on your preferences and quality/cost of materials you select. Note that you may select tiles that cost $50 per m2 or $500 per m2. General estimates for materials needed for construction of the entire home (interior not included) can be arranged in the Warsaw area for US $2000-3000, but in the absence of details from you, these can be considered only rough estimates.

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