House Design

Autorship rights

I would like to emphasize that my projects are unique, are likely to remain as such, and will not be copied by other parties. I protect all of my projects with copyrights and therefore no part of the service can be copied or distributed in any form without written permission from myself, Dagmara Obluska.

Any violation of this service shall result in legal liability as defined by the law; particularly in Copyright Law (USTAWA z dnia 4 lutego 1994 r. o prawie autorskim i prawach pokrewnych.(1); (tekst pierwotny: Dz. U. 1994 r. Nr 24 poz. 83) (tekst jednolity: Dz. U. 2000 r. Nr 80 poz. 904) ), as well as the Civil Code.


Single-family buildings designed by our office are distinguished by a unique outer form and peculiar functional solutions inside. We take utmost care to offer such interior arrangements that emphasise the special role of the so-called „little architecture”: fireplaces, staircases, balustrades, all of which are treated as sculptural decoration. Emphasis is also laid on interesting roof forms.

All our designs are custom-made. However, I sometimes choose to sell them again unless the investor has redeemed the copyright.
Choosing a design should not be based on its price since it accounts for a relatively small amount compared with the construction and furnishing of a dream house.


Office, public utility, industrial and manufacturing buildings are particularly challenging to a designer. It is vital hat the buildings meet various requirements such as combining their specialist character with environmental protection laws, providing for driveways and parking space, simultaneously, making best use of the area that brings a profit to the investor. We are trying to meet such requirements while retaining our own individual character.