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I present exquisite solutions that are based on traditional building technologies

Dagmara Obłuska


About me

My name is Dagmara Obluska and I am the owner of Villanette. I am an architect (designer) of unique residences for those who want a comfortable, stylish, and ‚prestigious’, yet affordable, image. I have been designing homes (not just houses), gardens, interiors, and fences, in a family-based business for almost 20 years. You will find pictures of some of the projects I have worked on throughout this web page. At the beginning of 2005, I decided to branch out on my own after gaining much insight and experience in the industry, and have established an independent practice.

My works

I present exquisite solutions that are based on traditional building technologies. It is my intention to create user-friendly architecture, fitted to the human scale with multidimensional roofs, various types of staircases, romantic spots, etc. — solutions that are intriguing, yet convenient. A distinctive feature of my design work is to have plenty of open space that has practical application. For example, I often create large open areas that are suitable for relaxing, having a chat and a cup of tea, or a quiet place to use a laptop or read a book. I believe that once at home, an individual should breathe happily, feel at home, and should enjoy every moment of being there.

Home design need not mean the end of cooperation. In the section „Interiors” and in web pages of homes (Kalcyt, Opal, Aleksandryt, Topaz for example), you will find some of my interior designs.

And here are my last suggestions –

a home views:


a fence:


Architects make up the majority of my full-time staff with a number of additional experts becoming involved as the demand of each specific project is considered. Often times, designers, fitters, geologists, urban planners, landscape architects, etc. are contacted when needed.

Although I do not engage directly in the supervision of the construction of your home, I do offer construction oversight. I am glad to offer the names of several reliable construction companies that I have previously worked with that follow quality standards and time agreements, and are reasonably priced


I am a member of the Polish Architects’ Association as well as the Mazovian Chamber of Architecture, which encompasses Warsaw and the surrounding area. These credentials ensure that the state and local authorities will honor any engagements that I pursue professionally.
I have also gained much design experience during projects in Duesseldorf (Germany) and Vienna (Austria).
Several of my larger projects listed under the heading – „List of Projects”.
If you wish, I will provide you with several addresses of those who used my design services in the past. This will allow you to evaluate my work in yet another way.
There are also several publications in the press that provide references to the quality of my work.

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There have also been several interviews for the Polish TV and radio that documented my activity.


  • Residential buildings (single- and multi-family),
  • Retail and office buildings,
  • Public utility and industrial buildings,
  • Face lifting and expansion projects,
  • Interior space,
  • Floor-adding projects,
  • Urban-planning and garden projects,
  • Fences.

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