Good spatial flow and clean line, like avarietyofmsnsites

said, especilly for interior space. Nice attempt to use textures

in treating the facades. (I guess this is the designs for housing

projects. My following suggestions base on the assumption

that you are designing for a real estate company. If this

assumption is wrong, I apologise and hope the suggetion will

be found constructive in other cases.) However, you can play

a bit more with mass. (Which, certainly, will be more expensive

due to the increased cost for the structure. So, the following

suggestion will be easier to apply with the A to A+++ market


Right now the houses appear as one single mass. So, the

buildings seem a bit heavy. One reason behind this is that, in

general, a house is not spacious enough for the architect to

divide the building into masses. Still, when the house is big

enough, you can look at it as a group of masses. Connect

them, juxtapose them, intersec them, hook them…. You can

also use diiferent form of masses. Circle, square, longitudinal

box..etc..etc..etc… The flow will be stronger with less amont of

cleaner lines. Whne the house is not big enough, you can twist

this idea by using some details. Deviding the roof instead.

Best regards,



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